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Coming up to the halfway mark at my writing group with Magi and I’m already worried about it finishing.  I have been so productive and it is so helpful to get my work critiqued by the group and Magi.  I have also had a one to one with Magi at the women’s library where we worked on editing my work.  I just happened to get a chance to look at a little box of suffragette history on my visit to the Women’s library.  I can’t believe I actually held beautiful original suffragette memorabilia such as a paperweight and a brooch with stones in the suffragette colours amongst other things. The best thing of all was looking the postcards sent during this time and reading the messages on the back.  I enjoyed getting a glimpse into what the lives were like for the people who had sent and received these postcards.  It conjured up ideas for characters, not to mention getting in touch with my feminist self again! I knew she was hiding in there somewhere! So, my latest pieces have been inspired not only by celebrating the woman in me but also the feminist.
Hallelujah! Magi Gibson, I think you’ve finally turned me into a Wild Woman!