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After building myself up to attend my new writing workshop with my Magi as my son calls her. The first one was cancelled due to illness. So, in the need for some creativity I decided to write about a topic. I thought a good one was to write about a time when I felt scared. I had thought about the time we stupidly got lost in Thailand on our honeymoon, but another image popped into my head. It was a photograph we have of me outside a temple laughing whilst blessing myself with a lotus flower. I’m certain the Thai people must have been thinking bloody stupid tourist. Anyway, like the lotus flower, a beautiful poem arose from the murky depths of my mind. It got me thinking, I wonder how many poems I could write about time where I felt…? I found that a flood gate was opened and once I had unlocked the memory I could probably write a series of poems. It’s a wee trick to remember for those creative kickstarts we sometimes need. More of my creative kicks to follow……